50 Years Later...

   Today we we drove up to the Coffee Cooperative in Pasac.  The Cooperative, the Mission and Christ the King are celebrating 50 years of services.  Many people have helped to build and mold all of these areas.  Jim Tackes (my dad) of course was one of these people and I have been amazed at how many people remember him or have knowledge of him through the stories.  Today at the cooperative we were welcomed by Juan, who is now the president of the coop and was a boy when it started.  His dad and Grandfather were some of the founding members.  They showed us videos of them starting the building of the coop and recognized Jim for visiting and thanked him for being a part of the cooperative.  The coop has over 250 members and over half of them are women.  They have even had a women president.  Very awesome that it has been so progressive. We discovered that some of the beans have been shipped to Vancouver WA.

   We then went into the church - what a very beautiful open space for worship.  Again Jim had a hand in starting the construction of this building.  And then we went to a library that is funded by the coop and used for additional studies after school. There were lots of books for them to read and activities for them to do.

   Getting around from the mission is an adventure in itself - we ride in the back of a pick-up truck just as the locals do.  It reminds me of the times in Browning when I would want to ride in the back of the truck when we’d go places.

   I feel very blessed to be here, especially with my dad, and experience the graciousness of the people and to see what they have been able to continue to build and grow in these past 50 years.