First full day in Guatemala

We landed in Guatemala City in the dark. I had a thought, as we flew over, that every city looks the same from above. Little rows and circles of white and yellow lights, and as you get closer, lights of red and green become visible. From above there is no crime, violence or politics. From above, some cities are bigger or brighter but other than that, they are basically the same.

That was the story of the last time i was in Guatemala and seems to be the story so far this time. From the sky and from here on earth, we are more similar than we are different. Smiles are returned with smiles, children giggle, teen agers lean in corners and canoodle.

Our host at Novo Hostel was so sweet and gracious. Our driver from Guatemala City helped us to learn the names of the volcanos we passed, and people in the backs of pickups waved as they noticed the van full of funny Americans.

My intension for this trip was to grow closer to God and build relationship with Christ. Christ is easy to see here, in the faces of my traveling companions and in the faces of His Guatemalans. There are an open, loving, welcoming, comfortable people. I am so impressed at all that has been accomplished here in the last 50 years, and so proud to get to be a small part of it.

Jen Blood

Fr. Jeff Sent from my iPad; apologies in advance for brevity