This was the third time Christ the King has taken the ME25. The first time we took the survey was in 2013, we did it again in 2016 and we did it again in February 2019. This survey gives us measurable data, data that compares apples to apples — looking at the overall health and spiritual commitment of our parish and over time.

Here is a graph of our results. This data will help the Pastoral Council plan for the future of our parish. Stay tuned for me details!

ME25-3year graph.001.jpeg


Actively Engaged:

  • Those who attend Mass regularly

  • Invite others to parish activities or Mass

  • Give generously of their talent, time, and treasure

  • Have a strong and healthy emotional connection to our parish.

Not ‘Yet’ Engaged:

  • May or may not attend Mass regularly

  • Rarely invite others to parish activities or Mass

  • Contribute some amount of talent, time, and treasure

Actively Disengaged

  • Are less emotionally connected to the parish

  • May attend Mass 2-4 a year OR may be physically present but spiritually or emotionally absent

  • Usually do not invite others to parish activities or Mass